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"Men are disturbed not by the things which happen, but by the opinions about the things . . ." written in the first century A.D. by the philosopher Epictetus in his Encheiridion.

Our thoughts lead to emotional changes, physical symptoms and poor behavioral choices.  As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, I want to help you understand how thoughts, feelings and behaviors interact in your life. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. By applying scientifically tested methods, you can explore and re-evaluate long held thoughts and perceptions that lead to behavior patterns that may be getting in the way to obtain what you want in your life.

Behavioral Health Counselors are licensed counselors who are incoporated individually but who collaborate to provide a broad base of expertise in order to provide for your issues.  Please call or email me for an individual or couples therapy consultation today.  If I cannot help you at this time, I will be happy to direct you to other colleagues with availability or who have special expertise more suited to the issues you raise.

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